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Dietzel Hydraulik is a strong employer, who, apart from a pleasant working atmosphere, also offers multifarious opportunities for your development and social benefits. At the registered office and main production facility in Beerwalde in Thuringia, we employ a staff of about 400, who through their high level of motivation, readiness to perform and know-how, are the main contributors to the success of the company. According to your knowledge and personal suitability, we will show you many different career opportunities and open up exciting new prospects for you. Qualifications to become foremen, engineers or various vocational training courses are just a few of them.

FFind out whether we are suited to one another! Then we look forward to meeting you in person soon.

  • Apart from flexible working hours, we offer a varied and responsible job in an innovative and future-proof family-run company.
  • We grant extra contributions to the company pension or contributions to capital formation.
  • We support families with small children by setting up contact with a local nursery with whom we have collaborated successfully for years.
  • Bottled water is available free at all times.


Do you feel that you have potential and wish to develop further professionally? There is a lot possible - we actively nurture your strengths so that the employee and the company both benefit. It is not seldom that erstwhile apprentices have developed into managers, benefiting the company with ideas and drive. Even new entrants have good opportunities to develop themselves and impress through performance.

At Dietzel Hydraulik, given suitability and a corresponding recommendation, and operational needs, there is always a possibility to qualify in different positions:

  • Engineer
  • Foreman
  • 3-year course of study at a vocational academy

Other subject-specific advanced training and advanced qualifications are also possible:

  • Specialised trainers
  • Shift leaders
  • Welding specialists
Teambesprechung abteilungsübergreifend

What our employees say


Cordula Börsch

Current position in the company

Clerical assistant, Human Resources

Since when are you with the company?

October 1994

How did you come to Dietzel?

I finished my apprenticeship as industrial management assistant at Dietzel Hydraulik and then, till I became a parent in 2010, I was assistant in the dispatch section in 2 shifts. Then, after a year, I wanted to return part-time, but it did not match up with the working hours in the dispatch section. But I was offered a change of jobs into Human Resources so as to be able to work the desired working hours.

Current tasks (what does a typical day look like?)

My tasks essentially comprise the organisation of external workers as well as control and maintenance of the recorded working hours of all the employees and the statistical record-keeping of the employees and their working hours. I have a lot of telephone contact with service providers and also with my co-workers. Invoice checking for temporary employment agencies is also a part of my job.
My workday is always varied, which give me a lot of pleasure in my work

What do I like about Dietzel?

Dietzel Hydraulik is very family-friendly, so that I was able to easily adjust my working times to my changed family circumstances after I became a parent.
Since I have been with the company for such a long time now, I know almost all my co-workers, so that it is a lot of fun to work with them.


Johannes Gurnig

Current position in the company

Setter, CNC turning and milling

Since when are you with the company?

August 2002

How did you come to Dietzel?

I completed a 3.5-year apprenticeship as a machine cutting mechanic at Dietzel Hydraulik and was then absorbed as a skilled worker. Since then, I have developed myself into a setter for CNC lathes and am about to qualify as a setter for CNC milling machines. In addition, since the summer of 2016, I have been a deputy production controller and safety officer.

Current tasks (what does a typical day look like?)

I am responsible for the setting up, programming and operation of CNC lathes. In this job, I have to independently select and organise tools and auxiliary resources, which greatly nurtures my independence.

Since I have become the deputy production controller, I help in optimising the machine occupation and in planning the order processing.

As a safety officer, I have to pay particular attention to adherence to the work safety regulations in my work area, the CNC department.

What do I like about Dietzel?

Dietzel Hydraulik is a very family-friendly company. In the year 2014, I was permitted paternal leave for 8 months without any problem and at the end of it, of course, I was re-integrated at my old workplace. My work is in 3 shifts, also with flexible working hours being permitted. It is possible to approach one’s supervisors to change the working hours at short notice, so as to be there for the family.

What I also appreciate very much is that all employees are regularly offered continuing education and advanced training to consolidate their knowledge.

Fabienne Neumann

Current position in the company

Apprentice to become a cutting machine operator

Employed since?

August 2016

How did you come to Dietzel?

In autumn 2015, I did my work experience placement from school at Dietzel Hydraulik which gave me a first insight into all manufacturing areas. This encouraged me to follow my intention to do an apprenticeship in metal cutting, and I applied for training already during the work placement. After a job interview with an aptitude test, I was admitted, and I have been serving my apprenticeship since August 2016.

Your current duties? (What does a typical day look like?)

During the first four months of my apprenticeship, I received basic training in metalwork together with the other apprentices from my course in our training workshop. Here we learned the basics of metalworking like, e.g., filing and materials science. Recently, I started specialised training and I am now learning how to turn and mill on conventional and later on CNC-controlled machines.

What do you like about Dietzel?

Dietzel Hydraulik gives me a versatile training which also is quite demanding. We all have very good relations with our trainer, and the colleagues in the specialist departments are also very kind. In addition, many courses are offered to us like, for instance, training to become a first aider or a course in machine safety. I feel that it is very good for us to also do a part of our theoretical training in the company and to not only do this at the vocational school.

Felix Koch

Current position in company

Apprentice to become a plant fitter

Employed since?

September 2014

How did you come to Dietzel?

In the summer of 2013, I did a work placement at Dietzel Hydraulik in order to take a look at the plant fitter and cutting machine operator trades. During that time, I liked the job of a plant fitter more and I had more fun doing it. That's why I applied for an apprenticeship at Dietzel Hydraulik in autumn 2013, and I was admitted to training after having a job interview and passing an aptitude test.

Your current duties? (What does a typical day look like?)

After basic training, I changed to the specialised training phase. This means that I am now being trained in the various areas directly on the shop floor. Among other fields, this includes the welding shop, the manufacture of special-purpose fittings, quality assurance and the CNC bending shop.

Right now, I am working in the welding shop and, as I am in the third year of my training, I have already been integrated into the three-shift system to always follow the same technical instructor.

What do you like about Dietzel?

I especially like the fact that all colleagues are very friendly and open minded, and that I always receive an answer when I ask a question. This makes me feel very well and I am enjoying my apprenticeship very much. The activities are very varied and, if you are an apprentice, you do not feel the pressure of time yet, as you still have many things to learn. It is also possible to shift one's working hours after consulting the instructors at short notice if you have a meeting outside or want to celebrate a birthday.