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Apprenticeship positions

For the head office at Beerwalde, we are offering the following apprenticeship positions from August 2017:

The apprenticeship will be in the dual professional training system, i.e. as a combination of operational training, vocational school and supplementary industrial courses.

Apprenticeship period

  • Plant and cutting machine mechanic 3.5 years
  • Machine and plant supervisor 2 years
  • Skilled worker for stores logistics 3 years
  • Industrial management assistant 3 years

Vocational schools: Altenburg, Weimar, Gera

Requirements for the applicants

  • Good school graduation
  • Serious interest in metalworking
  • Engineering aptitude
  • Interest in modern technologies
  • Good knowledge of scientific fundamentals

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, there are very good chances of being absorbed in a job in the company. Please send us your complete and detailed application documents in writing, specifying the desired apprenticeship profession.


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Ramona Bergner
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