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Hydraulic hose lines

Custom-made and series manufacture

Various parameters are required to be able to correctly design a hosepipe:

  • Operating pressure
  • Nominal width
  • Connection size
  • Pressure medium
  • Installation conditions (in some cases)

Comprehensive hydraulic hose portfolio

On the basis of our broad range of hoses and the facility to make special fittings in-house, we are in a position to manufacture almost any hose line in accordance with your requirements. We can also realise, in a process-safe manner, twists between the fittings or an alignment that is in deviation from the natural bending radius. Please do approach us before the complete design of your system. Together, we can develop a suitable and cost-effective solution for your installation variant.

Integration of the hose lines in systems

If required, hose lines can be integrated in technical systems without any problems. We develop and manufacture piping systems and threaded joint replacements in accordance with your requirements.

Precision correlation

All hose lines carry the material number on the holder to allow clear correlation. Thus, even when the hose line has to be replaced, you can be sure of getting an identical product.

Tested quality

All hose lines are manufactured in a process-safe manner in keeping with our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. All integrators are pulse-tested on the company’s internal test beds according to DIN EN ISO 6803 and leave our premises as a tested system.

Suction and low-pressure hosepipes

Depending on the customer requirements, we manufacture hosepipes with swage fittings and hose clips or realise a custom-made integrator.

Hydraulic hose lines with textile-braiding strengthening

At low operating pressures up to 145 bar and small bending radii from 40 mm onwards, the use of hydraulic pipes with textile braiding strengthening is a cost-effective alternative. We crimp the hoses in-house with fittings of the dH1000 series and the relevant holders. This ensures process-safe use as a tested system.

Variants upon request:

  • Railway approval
  • Steel wire braid armoured

High pressure hose lines with wire braid strengthening

In the high-pressure range, we offer an extensive selection of international standard hoses (SN, SC). In addition, we can offer a broad spectrum of high-quality hose types that exceed the requirements in the standard.

Variants upon request:

  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • High temperature-resistant
  • MSHA approval
  • Steel wire braid armoured

Very high pressure hosepipes with 4 or more wire spiral inlays

Hosepipes of type 4SH and R15 are generally integrated with tear-off resistant fittings of the dH7000 series. For increased safety requirements, for example, for use in injection moulding machines according to DIN EN 201, we use, exclusively, one-part, tear-out secured fittings.

Variants upon request:

  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • Steel wire braid armoured

560 bar hose lines D-SHS 560

We offer complete hose lines with a dynamic operating pressure up to 560 bar, including specially developed fittings for this pressure range.

Fittings of the series dH8000

  • SAE flange for 560 bar based on the 6000 PSI hole pattern (link to the dH8000 catalogue)
  • DKOS (link to the dH8000 catalogue)
  • VReinforced fittings
  • Straight, 45° and 90° versions
  • Specially developed tear-off secured integration

Tested system

Comprehensive tests like the bursting pressure test according to DIN EN ISO 1402 and the pulse test with 500,000 load cycles according to DIN EN ISO 6803, were carried out successfully and guarantee the complete consignment of the hose lines as a tested system.


  • Drives
  • Test beds
  • Hydraulic high-pressure assemblies

Accessories for hydraulic hose lines

  • Bursting-protection hose
  • Fire protection hose for high temperatures
  • Anti-kink spring
  • Anti-kink hose
  • Hose safety catch ( Hose safety catch configurator download)
  • Protective coil (scouring protection for the hose)
  • Chapter: Hose protection


We can carry out a pressure test with recorded test results for all hose lines.

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