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Hydraulic hoses

Often, only small installation spaces are available for the transport of fluid media in a system. Therefore, because of their flexibility, hydraulic hosepipes are best suited for fitting in such spaces. We stock an extensive selection of hoses available by the metre for hydraulic applications. All the available hoses can be processed into hose lines and delivered quickly.

The following table provides an overview of the standard hose types from Dietzel Hydraulik:

Hose typeOperating pressureDNsmallest bending radiusSpecification
Hydraulic pipes with fabric braid reinforcementup to 145 bar6-51 mmfrom 40 mm
High-pressure pipes with wire mesh reinforcementsup to 500 bar6-76 mmfrom 40 mm
Very high pressure hoses with spiral wire reinforcementup to 560 bar6-51 mmfrom 150 mm
Suction and low-pressure hoses-1 to 25 bar19-200 mmfrom 38 mm
Other hoses


The use of abrasion-resistant surfaces is possible for almost all hose types. Our customer centre will be happy to advise you in regard to the pre-assembly of your hose line.

Catalogue products

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