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Catalogue products

Pressure fittings

We supply standard pressure fittings from DN04 to DN76 at short notice in numerous step sizes. They are based on connection types according to international standards, for example SAE or DIN. The advantages are that different connection sizes and connection types can be combined with various hose integrators.

Highest safety

Pressure fittings for the high-pressure range are pulse-tested according to DIN EN ISO 6803. In addition, fittings in the very high pressure range have tear-off safety in the form of a separate interlock zone.

Hose integrators

We manufacture integrators for hydraulic pipe fittings for skive and no-skive. Since we have a substantial manufacturing depth and the corresponding equipment in terms of machinery, we can supply individual pieces, small batches or mass-produced series according to your requirement in:

  • Soldered type
  • Welded type
  • Monoblock versions

Short delivery periods for catalogue products

Most of our catalogue products are stocked goods. If you have any questions regarding technical details, our employees are at your service.

Special dimensions and angle positions

Do you need special shapes? Developing and manufacturing special solutions for hydraulic components and systems is our strength. Know more about our solutions.

Catalogue products

dH1000 (1/2 DRAHT)
dH4000 (4SP)
dH5000 (4SH)
dH7000 (4SH/R15)
AGN straight
dH8000 (560 BAR)
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