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Pressure fittings - special solutions

Special dimensions and angle positions

Do you need special shapes? Developing and manufacturing special solutions for hydraulic components and systems is our strength.


  • individualised technical consultancy
  • a highly qualified team of developers
  • modern production processes

we solve your problem quickly, reliably and in high quality. Special fittings bent up to 180° or bent several times and fittings with special shank lengths (AMSSL) for covering large distances can be easily manufactured. Do contact us! We would be happy to help.


AMSSL – Armatur-Mit-Sonder-Schenkel-Länge (or fitting with special shank length)

The solution for individual shank lengths of selected fittings.


  • Variable adjustment of the shank length
  • Covering large distances
  • Simple installation of hosepipes lying one on top of the other
  • Also for installation spaces that are difficult to reach
  • Optimised price-performance ratio through optimised, process-safe sequences
  • Quick availability

Hose types:

  • TE
  • 1SC
  • 2SC
  • 1SN
  • 2SN
  • 3 SPC
  • 4SP
  • 4SH


  • SFL / SFS
  • Other connections are available upon inquiry.

Shank sizes:

  • can be custom-ordered

Availability and delivery:

  • ungalvanized surface: Order up to 11 a.m. - Dispatch on the same day (applies to small quantities up to 15 counts)
  • galvanised standard surface: Delivery within two weeks (chromium-VI-free, white, galvanised)

Technical parameters:

Price list

24 hours Immediate service

Order today by 4 pm. If stock is available, dispatch will be on the same day.

Ask immediately!

+49 (36602) 140 - 880


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Sören Geiger

Sören Geiger

Tel.: +49 (36602) 140 - 565
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Friedhelm Johns

Friedhelm Johns

Tel.: +49 (36602) 140 - 430
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Melanie Mäder

Melanie Mäder

Tel.: +49 (36602) 140 - 335
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