Exercise" health day


We set an example for the health of our employees and hold regular health days. This week's Health Day was all about MOVEMENT - from a short exercise on the balance board to measuring hand strength, a vein function test and measuring maximum back strength for the stomach and back, there was a broad program that appealed to numerous employees. The health days are intended to improve quality of life and well-being and raise awareness of personal health.

We turned the Health Day into a small internal Dietzel competition to find the strongest "Dietzel hand". With 39 kg of hand strength among the women and 69 kg among the men, we can really talk about really strong employees, and that doesn't just apply to the hand strength measurement ????.

We always rely on strong partners for the Health Day - this time we were supported by @KKH. Many thanks to the team for this great and informative day dedicated to health.

Dietzel Hydraulik - together for health!


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