Christmas party 2023


This year's Christmas party at the Löbichau site took place under the motto "Dietzel Royale - now it's time for round 2". The two Managing Directors opened the evening with a short speech, during which this year's long-serving employees were also honored. In total, the Managing Directors thanked the long-serving employees for 485 years of loyalty and faithfulness. This year's major highlight was our historical film, which took visitors back to the origins of Dietzel's history. The evening continued with a varied buffet of hot and cold delicacies. A card artist opened the evening program with cards whirling through the air, before the blackjack, roulette and poker tables invited the guests to play and have fun. In keeping with the theme, all participants received a skat game in Dietzel design so that they could also put on their "poker face" at home.


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