Cooperation agreement Dietzel Hydraulik with Regelschule Nöbdenitz


The slogan "Connections with passion" is written in capital letters at Dietzel Hydraulik - so it is not only long-standing connections to customers and business partners that are an important foundation of the company, but also, for example, the connections and cooperation with schools in the region.

"We have been meeting our need for skilled workers for many years through our own training. It is simply part of this that we provide the students with practical insights even before they start their training - this creates curiosity in the young people for professions in metal processing," says HR Manager Ramona Bergner at Dietzel Hydraulik.

Effective immediately, Dietzel Hydraulik is now also cooperating with the Nöbdenitz regular school. The new elective subject "Learning in Practice" has now been firmly anchored in the curriculum and it provides for students to gain new knowledge at extracurricular places of learning. For this purpose, starting in the 2023/2024 school year, the 9th graders from Nöbdenitz will be taken to companies every Monday for 2 hours of instruction. Of course, all students will also receive grades for this subject.

At Dietzel Hydraulik, the project involves working on a practical model together with instructors from the company. For this purpose, the students will learn the theoretical basics of metalworking, but also apply their knowledge from school. Piece by piece, the individual parts will be sawed, bent, soldered, welded and screwed together, resulting in a small model at the end - what will be built is still a secret, so that the students can remain excited until the start. The participants will not only benefit from what they have learned, but will also gain exclusive insights into practical work, can test their own skills and abilities, strengthen their self-confidence and, of course, their independence.

Dietzel Hydraulik is looking forward to the first meeting of students and parents at the kick-off parents' evening at the end of June.


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