Agricultural machinery

With high pressure for more safety

Dietzel stands for innovative developments in hose lines for high-pressure applications. Especially in agricultural machinery, they have to withstand extreme conditions. Our flow-optimized hoses with microgroove contour keep absolutely tight and prevent cold leakage. They are equipped with an integrated pull-out device and are pulse-tested with 500,000 load cycles.

Dietzel stands for space-optimized solutions

There is often not much space for the hydraulics of an agricultural machine. Every space must be used. That is why we rely on installation space-optimized one-piece solutions. This saves you time during installation and significantly reduces the risk of leaks. QUALITY ASSURANCE is a top priority at Dietzel. That is why we carry out extensive burst pressure and impulse testing after development before we produce the hydraulic system in series.

Innovative low-pressure hoses

Low-pressure hoses with integrated manifolds are frequently used in hydraulic systems of agricultural machinery. We are working continuously in this segment to make our products even more temperature- and pressure-resistant. Our compact solutions are universally applicable and guarantee a high level of safety.

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