Mechanical and plant engineering

Components for building blocks. Worldwide.

We all know the little plastic building blocks from the famous Danish company with the four letters. The hydraulics for the injection molding machine that produces these bricks certainly come from us. For years we have been supplying our hydraulic systems to the largest producers in the industry. Worldwide.

Stationary safe

Safety is of great importance when designing stationary machines. After all, pressures of up to 500 bar are generated in the pipes and hoses of our hydraulic systems. We know the safety requirements in this extreme area and install, for example, hose protection devices. Sounds cumbersome, but it protects the health of the workers.

Welded into one unit

Hydraulic systems of machines and plants consist of many three-dimensionally bent components with a correspondingly large number of bolted connections. Every screw connection is a potential weak point. That is why we rely on pre-assembly groups. Within these groups, all piping is welded together to form a solid unit. This virtually eliminates assembly errors and oil leaks. This prevents complaints and reduces the maintenance costs of your machine.

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