Wind power

Hydraulic perfection in the tightest of spaces

There is often not much room for the hydraulic hoses and pipes in the gearbox of a wind turbine. Maintenance is very difficult and all the lines have to be bent in two or three dimensions. In order to achieve the goal precisely and quickly, we analyze and plan hydraulic systems such as the one in the cooling circuit of a gearbox on site and together with the manufacturer of the new plant.

Using all senses on site

Our engineers transport all relevant components to the plant site and immediately install the system in the prototype. Dietzel can take this unconventional route because we have all the necessary machinery available and our experts have the know-how to implement special designs and conversions directly on the plant. In this way, we ensure that the hydraulic system is optimized for the installation space and does not rub against the housing. In addition, possible pre-assembly units can be better defined directly on site. These prevent errors during installation and reduce the risk of possible leaks. This saves time and money.

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