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Straight connector

Connection both sides: external thread with 60° internal cone LL series
Standard DIN 7631
Application for suction and return lines
Material Steel
Surface protection Zinc-electroplated
Order no. DN in mm T1 T2 SW in mm D in mm L ±3 in mm
G M 30x1.5/M 30x1.5 20 M 30x1.5 M 30x1.5 32 19 38
G M 38x1.5/M 38x1.5 25 M 38x1.5 M 38x1.5 41 25 45
G M 45x1.5/M 45x1.5 32 M 45x1.5 M 45x1.5 46 32 50
G M 52x1.5/M 52x1.5 38 M 52x1.5 M 52x1.5 55 39 50
G M 65x2/M 65x2 51 M 65x2.0 M 65x2.0 75 50 52
G M 78x2/M 78x2 60 M 78x2.0 M 78x2.0 90 56 52

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Sales Manager/ Executive Vice President

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