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Hydraulic hoses

Abrasion protection spirale

Order no. internal Ø in mm Hose examples DN
SSG-009 16,5 1ST DN06-08
SSG-012 18,0 1SN-2SN/ST DN06
SSG-016 20,5 1SC DN12
SSG-022 23,0 1SN-2SN/ST-4SP DN10
SSG-024 24,5 1SN DN16
SSG-028 26,0 1SN/ST-2SN/ST-4SP DN12
SSG-034 29,5 1SN/ST-4SP DN16
SSG-036 31,0 1SN-2SN DN19
SSG-039 33,5 1SN-2N/ST-4SP DN19
SSG-046 41,0 1SN-2SN/ST-4SP DN25
SSG-051 48,0 4SH DN31
SSG-055 51,5 1SN-2SN/ST-4SP DN31
SSG-059 58,5 4SH-6SP DN38
SSG-064 73,0 1SN DN51
SSG-069 85,0 6SP R13 DN 51

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Sales Manager/ Executive Vice President

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