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Hydraulic hose lines

Small to large series production in the field of standard and customized hose assemblies.

Our added value for you:

Based on our wide range of hoses and the possibility to manufacture standard and custom fittings in-house, we are able to produce almost any hose assembly according to your requirements. We also realize twists between fittings and an alignment deviating from the natural bending radius in a process-safe manner. Please feel free to contact us before the complete design of your system! Together we will develop a suitable and cost-effective solution for your installation variant.


We pay special attention to purity.

Thus, there are strict specifications in all production steps, from fitting and socket production to hose assembly.

Such as intermediate cleaning of fittings and sockets after various manufacturing steps and projectile cleaning as standard during assembly.


In order to be able to clearly design a hose assembly, various parameters are necessary:

  • Operating pressure
  • Nominal width
  • Connection size
  • Length
  • Pressure medium
  • Installation conditions (becoming more and more important)

Integration of hose lines into systems

Hose lines can be easily integrated into technical systems if required. We supply you with complete line systems, including possible fitting detachments, according to your requirements.

Precisely fitting assignment

All hose assemblies are marked with your material number on the socket to enable unambiguous assignment. This ensures that you receive an identical product again, even if the hose assembly needs to be replaced.

With our laser engraving it is possible to add further information, from DN25 also as QR code.

Furthermore, you have the choice that we also mark the hose assembly with an oil-resistant label.

Tested quality

All hose assemblies are manufactured in a process-safe manner in accordance with our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. All bindings are impulse-tested on in-house test rigs according to DIN EN ISO 6803 and leave our premises as a tested system.

Suction and low-pressure hose assemblies

Depending on the customer's requirements, we manufacture hose lines with press fittings, hose clamps or realize an individual integration.

Hydraulic hose lines with textile braid insert

For low operating pressures up to 145 bar and small bending radii from 40 mm, the use of hydraulic hoses with textile braiding is a cost-effective design. The hoses are pressed in our company with fittings of the dH1000 series and the corresponding sockets. This ensures process-reliable use as a tested system.

High-pressure hose assemblies with wire braid reinforcement

In the high-pressure range, we offer an extensive selection of internationally standardized hoses. In addition, we can provide a wide range of higher-quality hose types that exceed the standard.

Variants on request:
  • High abrasion resistant
  • High temperature resistant
  • MSHA approval

Ultra-high pressure hose assemblies with 4 or more wire spiral cores

Type 4SH and R15 hose assemblies are generally integrated with breakaway-proof fittings of the dH7000 series. In the case of increased safety requirements, for example for use in injection molding machines in accordance with DIN EN 201, we use only one-piece, tear-out-proof fittings.

Variants on request:
  • High abrasion resistance

560 bar hose assemblies D-SHS 560

We offer complete hose assemblies with a dynamic operating pressure of up to 560 bar, including specially developed fittings for this pressure range.

Fittings of the dH8000 series

  • SAE flange for 560 bar based on 6000 PSI hole pattern (link to dH8000 catalog)
  • DKOS (link to dH8000 catalog)
  • Reinforced fittings
  • Straight, 45° and 90° versions
  • Specially designed tear-out resistant connection

Tested system

Extensive tests, such as the burst pressure test according to DIN EN ISO 1402 and the impulse test with 500,000 load cycles according to DIN EN ISO 6803, have been successfully completed and guarantee the complete delivery of the hose assemblies as a tested system.


  • Traction drives
  • Test stands
  • Hydraulic high-pressure units

Accessories for hydraulic hose lines

  • Bursting protection hose
  • Fire protection hose for high temperatures
  • Anti-kink spring
  • Anti-kink tube
  • Hose safety catch (download hose safety catch configurator)
  • Protective spiral (abrasion protection for the hose)
  • Chapter Hose protection


For all hose assemblies we can perform a pressure test with test report.

Sales Manager/ Executive Vice President

René Eichhorn

Sales Manager/ Executive Vice President

René Eichhorn


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