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Hydraulic hoses

Fire protection hose with silicone coating

Reinforcement mineral fibre ISO 2078, braided textile up to DN40, knitted textile up to DN110
Cover silicone ISO 1629/LSR
Temperature -60°C to +300°C, short-term with fire exposure up to 1200°C, short-term partial overheating up to 1600°C
Order no. internal Ø in mm
SSG-010 16,0
SSG-013 18,0
SSG-017 20,0
SSG-021 22,0
SSG-025 24,0
SSG-029 26,0
SSG-033 28,0
SSG-035 30,0
SSG-037 32,0
SSG-042 36,0
SSG-044 40,0
SSG-049 45,0
SSG-053 50,0
SSG-057 55,0
SSG-060 60,0
SSG-061 65,0
SSG-063 70,0
SSG-065 75,0
SSG-068 80,0
SSG-070 85,0
SSG-071 90,0
SSG-074 100,0
SSG-075 110,0
SSG-076 120,0
SSG-077 125,0
SSG-078 140,0

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