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Unions for the optimization of hydraulic systems

In order to connect lines of different nominal diameters, complex bolting solutions are used in practice. These cause high assembly costs and are prone to leakage. We replace bolted chains with more cost-effective, efficient complete variants, giving you cost advantages. Your assembly effort is reduced, assembly errors are virtually eliminated and leakage points are eliminated. Our modular system of different components is the basis for your technically optimal solution. We offer an interesting price-performance ratio in combination with a prompt quotation.

  • Significantly reduced assembly time
  • Almost complete elimination of the risk of leakage
  • Less expensive maintenance
  • Purchasing, scheduling and storage of only one item
  • Reduction of installation space
  • Reduction of the weight of the assembly
Sales Manager/ Executive Vice President

René Eichhorn

Sales Manager/ Executive Vice President

René Eichhorn


+49 (36602) 140-0